Hi, I'm Aaron Boodman. I helped build Google Chrome and some other things you may have used.

I'm currently working on a new project, and enjoying life with Susan, Miles, Abby, and Sam.


2015 - Present Co-creator

A versioned, forkable, syncable database philosophically descendant from Git.

Attic Labs

2015 - Present CEO, Cofounder, Fundraiser, Recruiter, Salesman, Cheerleader, ...

A software startup in San Francisco.


2014 Engineer, Dreamer

An experimental software platform that combines the best parts of Web and native development.


2013 - 2014 UI Guy, Modernizer

Your personal database for life. I reworked its UI into a modern SPA based on React and Google Closure.


2013 Co-creator

Gin is a C++ wrapper for the V8 JavaScript engine. It features a robust and typesafe bindings system.

Google Chrome

2009 - 2013 Technical Lead, Engineering Manager, Comic Book Character

A fast, simple, and secure web browser. I led the design and implementation of its extension platform.

Google Gears

2006 - 2009 Technical Lead

Extends web browsers with APIs for offline access, local storage, concurrency, and more.


2005 - 2009 Creator, Maintainer

Allows people to customize the way web pages look and behave in Firefox.


2006 - 2011 Creator

A simple online notepad. For when a whole note is too much.

Google Browser Sync

2005 - 2006 Technical Lead

Synchronizes your bookmarks, history, and other Firefox settings. Features an MC Hammer easter egg.

Blogger Mobile

2004 - 2005 Programmer

A delightfully easy way to post to Blogger. Designed by the famous Mr Goldman, implemented by me.


March 2003

Multilevel menu system with transparency and animation.


February 2002

Efficiently animate multiple numeric JavaScript properties with configurable acceleration.


October 2001

A custom scrollbar for Nando Costa's now-defunct hungryfordesign.com.


August 2001

A really old, but still useful, drag and drop library.

2027 Scroller

May 2001

A custom scrollbar implemented for the now-defunct design website 2027.org.


March 2001

Smoothly animating, exclusive slide-out panels. Still being used in new websites.


March 2001

Smooth-scrolling panels for Netscape 4 (!!) and greater.


June 2000

A custom scrollbar written for threeoh.com.

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